Our family went Christmas tree hunting after church one Sunday.  We drove to a place called Sulphur Creek which, true to its name, stunk of eggs.  Hiking through the snow, Jack picked out the tree.  A BIG tree.  So we cut it and tied it to the top of the Subaru with our trusty Bungee cords.  

We’ve been doing this trip for years.  Usually we cut the tree in Montana and bring it 230 miles home.  So we’re not novices.  And this year we were only 60 miles from home.

Nevertheless, we got on the freeway and a couple of miles up the road heard a thud behind us.  I craned my neck to see out the back of the car.  There, in the middle of the road, with cars swerving around it, sat our tree.  As I watched, a pickup truck squared up on the tree.  You could just about see the driver thinking, “Oh, Goody.”  And the truck drove right over our dear tree  (It was pretty much O.K. – when we got home the flat side fit nicely against the wall).

Michael got out of the car to go retrieve the bungee cords and the tree.  The wire hooks on the bungee cords had all straightened out.  They weren’t going to hold the tree to our car ever again.  I hopped out, too, just to provide moral support.  As I walked back toward the tree, I noticed a wad of rope lying by the road.  A wad of rope, in fact, exactly the length we would need to tie the tree back onto our car.  If we would have lost our tree even 20 feet earlier, we wouldn’t have found that wad of rope. 

It could be just a coincidence.  But eyes of faith see God at work.  I wonder, did God set the whole thing up, from the rope’s previous owner losing the rope, to our bungee cords failing, just so we would wake up and notice?  Or did God know that our bungee cords were going to fail and gave them a little help at just the right time?  The details of God’s work so often remain shrouded in mystery.  But we are blessed when we open our eyes and find God, right there next to us.