I want what I produce to be perfect.

Here’s the problem. If everything needed to be perfect, this blog would be content light.

I’d never post, because I would be afraid to – afraid it wouldn’t be good enough.

Perfection is too high a bar.

In LinchpinSeth Godin advances the notion, quoting Steve Jobs, that “real artists ship.” That is, they start something, they finish it, and they get it out to the public.

I’m going to try that.

I hope I communicate clearly, but it may be that there are times I’m not as clear as I could be.

I want my words to be eloquent and beautiful and heart-touching, but I’d rather give you something that you can read.

It’s better to create something rather than create nothing.

If failure is an option (and my sidebar wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it), then that goes for my blog, too.