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A recent conversation in Discipleship Group centered around these questions: 

   ✣ Who is the God you believe in?

   ✣ Is your life shaped by and does your life reflect your belief in this God?

I believe in the God of abundance – life, grace, forgiveness, patience, mercy, peace, tangible gifts like money, joy in family and community. There is so much!

Do I live as if I believe God is a God of abundance? And would you know that I believe God is a God of abundance by looking at my life?

One visible way I live in God’s abundance is in how I use the financial resources that have been entrusted to me. I offer with joy and thanksgiving what God has first given me. Money is not mine to keep. It’s mine to steward.

I joyfully tithe, giving my first-fruits right off the top. I give 10% of my pre-tax income to the ministries of my congregation. I also give an additional 2% to the congregation’s building fund, Luther Heights Bible Camp, and other agencies and causes beyond the church that I believe to be important.

I give because it’s good for me. It opens me up to all the blessings that the God of abundance is giving me and you. I give because it’s who I am – and who I am has everything to do with whose I am. No need to hoard or to grip my fists tightly – I belong to the God of abundance. Living this way is freeing. I love it!

Yes, of course, the congregation needs financial support to operate. Just as every organization needs money to operate. Just as every family needs money to live.

But, this is not about congregation (or denominational) budgets. This is about our lives.

Do we live reflecting who we believe God to be?