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What does getting ahead look like to you? How do you prioritize? How do you decide on what to spend resources, your money, your time, your energy?

Are you, for example, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by spending all your time and energy focused on a financial reward? Maybe it’s in a job you hate, that sucks the life from you. Is your emotional health and your physical health being negatively impacted because of it? Are your relationships being sacrificed because of it? If so, you’re not investing for a healthy return.

Let’s use a 3DM lens and look at Jesus’ investment strategy (seen in how he lived his life and illustrated in parables like these: Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25.14ff; Treasure Hidden in Field Matthew 13.44; and Pearl of Great Price Matthew 13.45).

The strategy is to invest (tend, steward) the capitals (resources, talents) we have in order to receive a return of the capitals we want. If you want to attain any one capital, you must learn to invest the other four.

It’s about priorities.

God entrusts us with resources (capitals) and urges us to steward them in such a way that we receive an increased return on God’s investments. And when I say kingdom return, I don’t mean a heavenly reward only after you die. I mean a heavenly reward in the present. God’s kingdom is breaking into ours right now!

Here are the Five Capitals (they’re kin to these).

  1. Spiritual • Experiencing the freedom and fullness of life, living in right relationship with God and representing him well. When people look at you, do they see Jesus?
  2. Relational • The ability to make withdrawals based on the deposits you’ve made. Investing in relationships. The trust others have for you. Are your relationships healthy?
  3. Physical • Health and well-being; Time and energy; Emotional Health; What are your physical resources? What’s your physical capacity?
  4. Intellectual • How much do you know? Skills.
  5. Financial • Your financial resources, money and assets.

Each capital is ten times more valuable than the one below it. Thus, spiritual capital is 100,000 times more valuable than financial capital.

Do you have your priorities in order? Are you investing the lower capitals in order to receive a higher return? Or, are you squandering your higher capitals in order to receive less?