Psalm 23 | Genesis 42 | Matthew 14:25-15:9


Psalm 23  |  Do we recognize that we have everything we need? The Lord provides that which is truly needful. We strive after so many needs that are actually wants that we miss all the awesome things God is actually doing in our lives.

When we feel that God is letting us down, might it actually be because God is not meeting our wants? Look deeper — be open to the ways God is meeting your needs. Rest. Food and water for body and soul. New strength and a revived life. Right paths. Courage in the valley of the shadow of death.

Genesis 42  |  Starting in Genesis 37, it’s a story that is all about recognition. Joseph and his family recognizing that he has received a vision from God. Joseph slowly recognizing who he needs to be in order to be worthy of such visions. Others recognizing Joseph as representing the king (and the King!).

Today, Joseph recognizes his brothers. They do not recognize him. (Verse 8)

God recognizes us. Do we recognize God? God sees us as his dear children. May we recognize God as our loving daddy.

Matthew 14  |  I love it! Peter says, “Lord, if it is really you, let me walk on the water.” Jesus says, “Come.” So Peter gets out of the boat and is walking on the water. Who else could it be but Jesus! And then the wind blows and he is afraid.

God shows his power in a very dramatic and clear way to Peter. There is no other explanation for it than that God is at work. And Peter is right in the middle of it!

But he chooses to miss it. How often do we look for other explanations? It’s as if we dont want to recognize.