Psalm 25:1-7 | Genesis 44 | Matthew 15:21-28

Matthew 15:21-28   |   In the Canaanite woman we see that faith isnt simply and quietly accepting your fate. She is no marionette content to let God pull her strings. Rather, faith is believing Gods promises and then believing that God will make good on his promises. And its even more than that. Faith is holding God to Gods promises. Actively. Persistently.

Such persistence shouldn’t be misunderstood as resisting God’s will. Quite the opposite. Such persistence seeks to be aligned with God’s will. It is surrender to God’s goodness. It says, “God, I know your kingdom is breaking into ours and I want to get caught up in it!”

God’s promises are so awesome — grace, love, forgiveness, healing, joy, wholeness, life! Hold God to his promises and don’t let go!