Psalm 25:8-22 | Genesis 45 | Matthew 15:29-16:4

Genesis 45 | Joseph could have chosen to hold a grudge or to exact revenge against his brothers. He had every reason to do so. They beat him up and had him kidnapped, selling him into slavery in a far off land (this after their oldest brother Reuben talked the rest out of going through with their plan to kill him!).

Who could let such a thing go? Many of us would allow those kind of life circumstances to define us for the rest of our lives. We’ve been wronged! It would be a weight we would lug around forever, a heaviness that would beat us down. We would be burdened by resentment, bitterness, distrust, lament. And we might even come to be proud of our suffering “No one has suffered like I have.”

But not Joseph.

The truth was Joseph’s brothers did send him away in order to end his life. But, Joseph recognized that it was equally true that God sent him ahead in order to save lives.

Joseph chose to see how God was working in the midst of all that life threw at him.

He chose to see that reconciliation was overcoming separation. He chose to see that wholeness was repairing that which was broken. He chose to see that order was being brought from chaos. He chose to see that being joyful was a better way to live than being miserable.

God’s power to free is greater than the world’s power to bind. Actually, Gods weakness is greater, too.

I choose to find my identity in the one who can bring life from death.