Psalm 27:8 | My heart tells me to pray. I am eager to see you face.

We live with a God-shaped hole, that nothing else will fill. We try. Our appetite tells us to consume our way to meaning and satisfaction. Our ambition tells us to compete with others, doing unto them before they do it to you, showing them who’s boss, who has the power, taking all that you can get. We strive for affirmation – please, please, please tell me I’m good enough, I’m popular, celebrate me. (For an excellent unpacking of this, see Mike Breen’s original blog post).

In the beginning, God scooped up the dust and formed us, molded us into his people. God’s fingerprints are all over us. God’s handprint marks us. We were always intended to live with the outstretched presence of God’s hand on our lives. It’s how our Abba, our Daddy, created us.

He gives us our identity. We are his children. Because he says so. It’s all gift. It’s all love. It’s all grace.

And as we live in the power of God’s grace, as we live in the gift of our identity as God’s child, others can’t help but be impacted by it.

Photo attributed to Fergal of Claddagh via flickr and used under Creative Commons.

Matthew 17:1-13 | Up on the mountain the promise of identity is proclaimed once again. God declares about Jesus to the disciples, “This is my own dear Son, and I am pleased with him. Listen to what he says!”

Jesus is what it looks like to live fully in your identity.

In conversation about this Transfiguration event, one of my colleagues offered that the difference between transfiguration and transformation is that transfiguration is a transformation that reveals God’s glory and God’s kingdom here in our midst.

As we live more and more out of our identity as God’s children, your life is not just transformed, it’s transfigured.

God is saying to you, “With you I am well pleased. You are my beloved child.”

Embrace your identity. And as you do, you will see that God’s kingdom is breaking into ours. Through you.