Matthew 18:15-35  |  Here’s what to do when another one of Jesus’ followers, a fellow member of your community, wrongs you or hurts you or is gossiping about you or seems out to get you.

  1. Talk to that person in private. Go work it out between the two of you. Did it work? If not…
  2. Maybe it’s a bigger issue and deeper conflict than you thought! Try again. But this time take one or two people with you so that the presence of witnesses “will keep things honest. (The Message)” How about now? If still not…
  3. Because this kind of conflict can tear a place apart if left unattended, it’s time to involve the whole community, so that the community can help encourage a turning back to the things that make for life. How about now? No?
  4. It sounds like that person doesn’t really want to be a part of the community, doesn’t it? Release them. They’re not going to get much out of continuing to hang around. Bless them to find a place where they may experience life and joy and peace.