Exodus 5:10-6:12 | We think freedom should be easy. God sent Moses to free the Hebrew people from slavery under Pharaoh. Pharaoh retaliated, making life harder for the Hebrews. Then the Hebrews complained to Moses saying they preferred things how they used to be. “We thought getting to freedom would be easy. If this is what it takes, maybe we don’t want freedom.”

We think being brought into freedom should feel, well, like freedom. Light and bright – the weight and the darkness quickly lifted.

But freedom isn’t simply the old you in a new situation. The journey to freedom changes us. Freedom calls something new from us. It’s a birth.

And birth isn’t easy. It takes time to get ready for. Then when it arrives, it takes effort, it’s painful, it’s messy.

And things are never the same.

You just made new life!