Matthew 21:12-22 | It was the time of year for figs. Why were there no figs on the tree? Something was keeping the tree from being fruitful, from being what it was created to be and do. It seems to me that Jesus simply recognized this and spoke the truth, “You will never again bear fruit!”

What season is it for you?

Are you in a season of fruitfulness? Or are you, rather, in a season of pruning? Are you being pruned back for the sake of greater fruitfulness? Are there things that have been weighing you down or holding you back that you need to leave behind? Are they familiar, comfortable ways? Are they even ways that have been successful, things that are currently growing in abundance? Or, are you in a season of abiding, of rest, so that your roots may grow deep and strong? A season of taking the time to be fed and watered? Or, are you in a season of growth, finding life in new endeavors, anticipating the buds that will soon be breaking through?

What needs your attention? How might you tend your life and your relationships before it’s the case of never again bearing fruit?