Exodus 14:19-15:21 | God led the Israelites across Red Sea away from slavery in Egypt to freedom. God displayed overwhelming and awesome power and the Israelites were blessed by it. “They stood in awe of the Lord; and they had faith in the Lord and in his servant Moses.” And they celebrated – singing and dancing and praising God!

But just a quick look ahead reminds us it doesn’t last. Oh, God’s power lasts. But, the memory. It only took three days for them to forget – three days! Really? It would be nice to be able to bottle that faith.

In a way the Israelites did. God, back in Exodus 12, instituted the celebration of the Passover. Every year. So they won’t forget.

We’re no different. We forget, too.

We need a call back. So we get one. We have community. And we have stories – which is what scripture and ritual and songs are all about. Because we forget.

We aren’t making this journey alone. We travel as a community, many of whom have come long before us. They remind us of the way.