Again and again in Exodus, God reminds the people to keep the Sabbath holy. What’s with the fetish for rest?  I think it’s not so much about tending to the bags under our eyes as it is about learning to trust God’s providence.

You may have noticed that the way you do things shapes how you think about them.  Your practice shapes your belief.

And so it is with the Sabbath.  Do we trust that God will give us our daily bread?  Do we trust that part of that provision is having the time to do the work God has given us?

Taking a Sabbath day each week, putting aside our own agendas and listening again for God’s agenda, is one of the ways that we live into our faith.  It’s a way that our practice forms our hearts.  It’s a way that we, with our lives, proclaim that we DO expect God to give us enough of what we need, including time.  It’s a way that we learn to trust.

It’s also the way we live into a lighter life.  Having almost 7 weeks of days each year that we don’t work is a surefire way to pare down our schedules, to prioritize our work.  It’s a surefire way become clear about what God has given us to do, and what we ourselves have taken on.  It’s a surefire way of learning to surrender ourselves more fully into the arms of our Father, trusting him to overflow our lives with blessing.