About TSQ

The Squadron (TSQ) is a movement of wild geese (and not yet wild geese), taking risks, committed to joy, and making a difference doing what we love.

Kristine Blaess finds joy pushing at the edges of possibility, looking for where God is bringing life in the midst of death. An ELCA pastor, she is completing a Doctor of Ministry degree in Transforming Leadership with special emphases on systems thinking and strategic organizational leadership.

Kristine is the strategic/equipping leader for a small Presbyterian congregation in Rigby, Idaho, which she led through a transition from pastor-led to lay-led ministry. She is also the interim pastor for the Presbyterian congregation in Pocatello, Idaho, where she is discipling leaders as they discern a vision and prepare for renewal. She leads huddles in congregations and across the nation for pastors and judicatory leaders.

Kristine loves marriage with sweet and smart Michael and delights in their two small children. You’ll find this family playing in the mountains, hitting tennis balls, jumping on the trampoline, and laughing with a full house of old and new friends.

She can be reached at Kristine@TheSquadron.org

Michael Blaess believes that you transform a system/organization by transforming its leaders. Following the way of Jesus, he invites, challenges, and equips people and their communities to be who God is calling them to be, nothing less than the best versions of themselves. He has found huddles — intentional discipleship groups — to be a powerful way to do this.

He is committed to taking creative risks – like performing open-mic comedy for the brilliant comedian Maria Bamford at Maxfuncon 2010.

He is husband to Kristine, father of two delightful kids, writer, musician, athlete. He has been the pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Pocatello, Idaho) since January 2001. Good Shepherd is a small/mid sized congregation learning how to more faithfully and dynamically follow Jesus and growing as a disciple-forming community.

He can be reached at Michael@TheSquadron.org


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